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Mohamad Said


Mohamad SaidMohamad Said, senior family law attorney and shareholder of MAS Law Firm started his legal practice with MAS Law Firm in 2007. He started his practice by representing clients for their family law matters involving divorce, child support, premarital agreements, and adoption. He is currently the managing family law attorney of the firm, overseeing the family law practice of the firm.


Mohamad Said has worked on numerous contested divorce cases, with assets, 401K’s, and investments. His extensive experience of not only family law, but also of business law makes him an ideal legal professional for representing clients for high-asset divorce matters. High Asset divorces are different from regular divorce cases in a way that they involve higher stakes, namely in terms of the net worth of shared money and assets. Some of these assets may include high-value homes, land, cars, jewelry, business, investment properties, rental properties, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, tax implications and inheritance. These high value assets need the help of an experienced litigation professional that can represent their clients to make sure their rights are protected.


Mr. Said is licensed to practice in the State of Texas. He earned his Juris Doctor from Texas Wesleyan University, College of Law. Prior to that, he attended University of Texas at Dallas where he earned a Bachelor of Arts.


Ms. Shemesh is admitted to practice in State of Texas. She attended University of Texas at Austin, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and Corporate Communication Studies. She then earned a Juris Doctorate from St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida.


Mohamad Said is here to discuss the details of your divorce case and help you make the right decision, when dealing with a divorce case that involves assets. Mr. Said and other members of his team of Dallas divorce attorneys are here to meet with you to discuss your case with a free consultation appointment.


You can contact us to schedule a free consultation with a member of our family law team by calling 972.789.1664, emailing, or filling out the form on top of this page. We look forward to providing you dedicated legal service for your family law matter.





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