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If you are a non-custodial parent, you will have limited visitation rights. But, even with the limited visitation rights, you will be able to be a part of your child’s life, his education, extra-curricular activities, and important decisions regarding his future. The non-custodial visitation is backed by the law, and you have to follow the details, schedule, and restrictions listed in this custody order. If you feel that your non-custodial custody order needs a modification based on the changes in your life, you can always make a request to the court. Our attorneys for child custody, can help you file a modification request with the court. Over the years, our family attorney Amber Shemesh has helped parents modify their custody orders based on the changes in their lives. She is passionate about custody matters and believes on fighting for her clients in getting them the custody of their children.



Once the child’s primary residence is established, the court must decide the type of visitation the non-custodial parent will have with the child. Texas has compiled a visitation order, known as the Standard Possession Order, to allow ample visitation with the non-custodial parent. This visitation order will allow the parties to make any visitation arrangements on their own. If there is absence of an agreement, they should resort to the possession order.


The possession order includes visitation for alternate weekends, holidays, summer visitation, birthdays, and other important holidays. The court prefers to administer this type of visitation when the parents have the ability to assist each other in a cordial manner while still allowing the terms of the custody to work around their respected schedules. Before ordering reasonable visitation, the court stresses to both parents that in order for the custody arrangement to work, they must be willing and able to communicate in a rational manner towards each other.


Under extreme situations, the court may order supervised visitation for the child. This is usually the case if there is any sign of domestic violence, alcohol or drug use/abuse For example, if the non-custodial parent has been found to have neglected or abused their former spouse or child, the court will only allow them to see their child while under supervision. The individual chosen to supervise the visits can be someone agreed upon by the parents, or a court-appointed individual. However, the supervisor must be approved by the court.


Child custody is a complicated area of law, and it is very emotional. If you are seeking help with your child custody case, consult with our experienced family law professionals in Dallas as soon as possible. With a combined experience of more than 20 years of dealing with family law disputes in Texas, our legal team has the expertise and knowledge of representing clients for their custody battles. We have helped both fathers and mothers for the custody and visitation disputes of their children and have helped them avoid the common mistakes in child custody matters. We offer affordable retainers, convenient installment plans, and accept all major credit cards.


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