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Alimony refers to the post-divorce payment one former spouse makes to the other in the settlement of a divorce. There are several types of alimony, including temporary alimony, rehabilitative alimony, and permanent alimony. Moreover, there are many various factors that go in to how one would qualify for alimony as well as how much may be awarded based on certain criterion.


The main distinction in classifying alimony and its implications is whether or not it is agreed upon by both parties. The type of alimony in Texas that involves direct negotiation of assets between the two parties is appropriately coined the term "negotiated alimony." This usually suggests that the two parties are willing to come to an agreement of how the assets in question will be divided, which consequently ends in a contract between the two. On the other hand, "spousal maintenance" is the type of alimony that is court ordered and is usually not subject to negotiation in the hands of the opposing parties. While negotiated alimony may be permanent, spousal maintenance usually involves a time limit or maximum duration.


The court may order for spousal maintenance under certain conditions. In order to qualify, the spouse seeking maintenance must show that the duration of the marriage was 10 years or longer and that the spouse seeking maintenance does not have a sufficient income to provide minimal necessary needs for themselves and any potential children under their custody.


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