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Alimony is an important part of the divorce proceedings. After going through a divorce, court can award alimony or spousal maintenance to one spouse. In Texas, alimony is called spousal maintenance, with the purpose of giving minimal payments to the non-working spouse for a limited period of time to allow the person time to get training and start a normal life. Our family law attorneys of Dallas have the knowledge and experience of working with spousal maintenance laws in Texas to help you successfully achieve the spousal maintenance arrangements.


Once the judge has come to a decision in determining the eligibility of a spouse, it will then be determined how much support will be paid, for how long, and the method of making the periodic payments. Investigations into each spouse's ability to provide for their own minimum reasonable needs will be reviewed as well as any property obtained in the divorce agreement. Each spouse's education level and employment skills will be factored in for the spouse requesting the support. That spouse's age, job history, earning ability, and physical and emotional state will also be investigated. Any previous orders of child support payments or spousal support payments will also be looked at.


While the divorce proceedings are pending, the higher income earner is usually required to give payments to the spouse earning the lease income to assist in paying bills, etc. This is normally referred to as temporary spousal support or maintenance. This temporary spousal support typically ends once the divorce is finalized. But, there are some circumstances when this can continue for a certain amount of time even after a divorce is granted.


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According to the Texas laws, alimony has come a long way, but it is still not guaranteed or automatic. When preparing for a divorce, it is extremely important to think about hiring an attorney when you have martial assets, debts, child support and custody disputes, and spousal maintenance matters. Contacting a family law attorney in Dallas would provide you the legal assistance you need since Texas law still presumes that spousal maintenance is not warranted. Over the years, our legal team has worked on complex contested divorce matters involving alimony or spousal maintenance and helped clients getting favorable outcomes. We are here to discuss the details of your case with a free consultation appointment and help you understand the difference between alimony and spousal maintenance in Texas.


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