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The complications involved with adoption makes it extremely important to have a family law attorney represent you throughout your adoption process. As one of the most experienced family law professionals in Dallas, we are here to provide services for adoption to the residents of different counties of North Texas, including Dallas, Collin, Tarrant, Denton, and Rockwall.


According to Texas Laws, an adult may petition to adopt a child who may be adopted. A child in Texas may be adopted if:

  • The child’s relationship to each parent has been terminated or a suit of termination is joined with a suit for adoption,
  • The parent whose rights have not been terminated is the spouse of the petition, and the proceeding is for a stepparent adoption,
  • The child is at least two years old, the relationship between the child and parent has been terminated with respect to one parent, the person seeking the adoption has had actual control of the child for at least six months or one year preceding the adoption, and
  • An affidavit is present that contains consent for a licensed child-placing agency to place the child for adoption and appoints the agency managing conservator of the child. In this case further parental consent is not required and the adoption order shall terminate all rights of the parent without further termination proceedings.


A prerequisite to petition includes that both spouses must join the petition for adoption if the petitioner is married. The court will grant a motion for a preferential setting for an adoption if all other civil cases are not given preference by other law and if a social study has been filed and criminal history for the person seeking to adopt the child has been obtained. A home screening and post placement report must also be conducted. Before placing a child for adoption, a report on the available health, social, educational and genetic history must be compiled by the Department of Protective and Regulatory Services or by the child’s grandparent, aunt, uncle or stepparent. The adoption may not be granted until the child has resided with the petitioner for at least six months.


The written consent to the managing conservator of the adoption must be filed. This consent may be revoked by filing a signed revocation. An adaption order creates the parent child relationship between the two parties for all purposes; the adoptive child may be entitled to inheritance as though he or she were the parents’ biological child. The adoptive parents are entitled to receive copies relating to the history of the child that are maintained by the child licensing agency. The department shall offer adoption assistance after the child’s 18th birthday until the first day of the child’s 21st birthday if certain conditions are met. Services may also be provided by the licensing agency to adoptive families after the adoption to which services were offered before the adoption.


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A mutual consent voluntary adoption registry may be established to through which the adoptee, biological parents and biological siblings may locate each other. An authorized agency that is permitted to provide a registry must send to the central registry a copy of all the information the registry maintains. The court may grant a petition for an adult residing in this state to adopt another adult. The adoption may only be granted if the court finds that the requirements for adoption of an adult are met. A petition for adoption or annulment or revocation of adoption may also be filed, in which case the petitioner must file completed documentation that may be used by the court clerk.


With a track record of hundreds of satisfied clients across Dallas Fort-Worth area, our family lawyers have the expertise, knowledge, and dedication to provide legal services for your adoption matters. Our team of Dallas adoption attorneys can help birth parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, adult adoption, stepparent adoption, out-of-state adoption, and international adoption. Our experienced Dallas family law attorney Amber Shemesh is extremely passionate about adoption services and offers free consultation appointment to discuss your adoption matter and answer your questions about adoption in Texas.


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